Hosting private git repositories in a Raspberry PI

I am aware there are nice options to host even for free your private Git repositories (Bitbucket is the nicest example in my opinion), but I »

Github issues to Slack with Fabric

At selltag we are using Fabric for deploying, we started using Capifony, but it gave us some problems (not returning prompt when necessary input among other »

Elisp Reference Manual in Mobi format

I tried to get the elisp manual in Mobi format, I couldn't get it, so I just converted the original one with calibre, and you can »

Land of (e)lisp

Some weeks ago I started using emacs. That made me curious about emacs lisp, so I could improve my configuration modifying others plugins or just creating »

New Selltag redesign

Last week we released the work we've been doing for two months on Selltag. This new release is quite different from the previous ones, we have »

First week with Emacs

This week I've decided to switch to Emacs. These are my first impressions about the change when I've been less than 30 hours with it. I »